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I had noooooo idea…

on November 2, 2012


So this post is about a lady I helped a few months ago – with full permission, of course!


She’s a lovely lady, intelligent, loves her kids more than anything and would never want them to come to harm.  As you can see from the picture above, on the left, she has her daughter strapped in with the harness and then the seat belt, with the vehicle headrest ‘jamming’ the seat in – so dangerous on so many levels, but she had no idea.  Now this doesn’t mean she is stupid, or doesn’t love her kids – she just didn’t realise, and it is so, so EASY to mis-use a seat.  You can see from the picture on the right how the seat should be used – for this child, as a high back booster with the harness removed (as it is a group 1,2,3) with the seat belt running across the child’s lap, and the chest belt running over the child’s chest and level with the shoulder (that seat headrest has now been moved up to the correct height)  The seat belt should be under the ‘arms’ of the seat, and the child seat should touch as much of the car’s seat as possible.Image

For her boy, as you can see, again the seat belt and harness are being used incorrectly – the seat he usually used (the grey one on the right) was also fitted incorrectly – again, VERY easily done, especially with these seats as they are a pain to install!  Now his seat is fitted correctly, and she knows how to re-install it, the harness is at the correct height and the big winter coat is removed (although the weather was slightly warmer when this was taken)

This shows clearly how wrong it can be done, by someone trying very hard to get it right.  If your seat wobbles, or the harness slips off your child when done up, or the seat belt isn’t routed correctly (across lap and level with shoulder) – then it probably isn’t being used right.  Get it checked by someone who knows (I’m more than happy to help)

There are quite a few places who check seats.  Halfords will check for a £10 charge as long as the seat is in their stocked range and the adviser has been trained on the seat.  Some fire brigades will check – call first, and some police officers.  Your local road safety officers normally have someone trained and check to see if there is a Good Egg child seat clinic in your area to go get your seat check by an expert for free 🙂

Good Egg Clinics:


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