Working with Parents

My experiences of advising parents on child safety

He’s a big baby..!

on November 8, 2012

Just a little something I made earlier that may help you work out what seat your child should be in based on their weight and height.

Normally, parents tend to choose a child seat based on the age of the child, but this is only a very loose approximation of suitability and seats really ought to be chosen based on your child’s individual size.  Think back to conversations you may have had with parents about how quickly kids grow, or the size clothes they are in.  You’ll normally get the “Oh, but she’s a big 3 year old – wearing age 5-6 clothes!” or “yes, he’s 12 months but very diddy!”  So this may translate to child seats that the 12 month old should still be in the infant seat and the 3 year old to be in a high back booster.

It is a good idea to take your little one to a baby clinic to get weighed before you go to a store to purchase a seat.  If you receive advice about your child seat, the assistant must ask you what weight your child is to ensure the chosen seat is completely suitable.


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