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Group 0+1 combination seats!

on January 28, 2013

What exactly is a group 0+1 car seat?

A group 0+1 car seat is a combination seat that will accommodate your little one from newborn right through to 18kg.

They are rearward facing until 13kg and then turn forward facing to take the child through to 18kg. Some seats even stay rearward facing right up to the 18kg mark!  They tend to come with newborn inserts to support and protect little babies, which are removed as the baby grows.

There is generally no base, as the seat is one unit. (including ISOfix seats)


Little one in a Britax First Class – Thanks to Mum for allowing the use of the picture!

Why are they useful?



  • Seat stays in car, reducing risk of incorrect fitment and use
  • Long lasting and presents value for money
  • Encourages parents to keep little one rear facing longer, providing extra safety
  • A combination seat that stays rear facing right up until 18 kg is one of the safest ways for babies and toddlers to travel
  • ISOfix and seat belt options
  • As baby gets older they are higher up in the car than if they were in an infant seat, so they can see out of side and back windows.
  • No seat belt over baby’s lap
  • Not compatible with travel systems
  • If little one falls asleep it will be difficult to take the seat out of the car so baby isn’t disturbed – these seats tend to stay put
  • Fitting isn’t as straightforward as specific infant seats (generally!)
  • Correct and safe fit must be checked with every car as seat may not be compatible.

Who is this type of seat good for?

A combination group 0+1 seat is a fantastic option for:

  • Grandparents – it presents safety, value for money and if the seat is left in the car – less risk of incorrect fitment.
  • It is also a great option for parents who aren’t interested in a travel system or are working on a tight budget.  You can get a very good combination 0+1 seat for around £100 – over 4 years that’s just £25 a year for baby’s safety!
  • It’s also fantastic for parents who have a very tall baby.  I have dealt with a lot of parents whose 6 month old has reached the top of the infant seat but is only 16 lbs or so, or the parents want to keep the little one rear facing longer/have been advised to.  As these seats are full group 1 size seats they give a big, but young baby lots of growing room!
  • A great option for parents who are very keen on keeping their precious little one rear facing as long as possible but just can’t afford an extended rear facing seat or want their seat professionally fitted.  A child can be rear facing in these seats to 13kg/29lbs – which is 2 stone 1lb!

GROUP 0+1/2

STAGES < Joie Stages – Newborn to 6/7 years

To the very best of my knowledge, only 3 seats exist that is suitable from Birth right through to 25kg

  •  Brio Zento (extended rear facing)
  • Britax Hi-Way (extended rear facing)
  • Joie Stages (turns front facing)

(please correct me if there are any others and I’ll update blog!)

These seats will last a child right through to 6/7 years.  If you want any more info on them please comment and I’ll send some info your way!



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