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Group 2,3 High Back Boosters and Booster Cushions

on June 5, 2013

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The Law

Babies, toddlers and children up to 4’5’’ or 12 years of age must travel in a child restraint suitable for their weight and height.


–          Emergency journeys (not school or shops!)

–          Taxi’s (although some taxi’s will allow you to take your own seat)

–          If fitment of two occupied child restraints prevent fitment of a third



When should a booster seat be used?

–          A child outgrows their group 1 harnessed seat at either 18kg or when their eyes are level with the top of their seat.

–          Children are safest remaining in their harnessed seat as long as possible, until outgrown by either weight or height.

–          They can be moved into a booster once the harnessed seat is outgrown or at 15kg.

–          Children must be tall enough for the seat belt to sit across their chest and shoulder correctly.

–          Children must be mature enough to sit on a booster with the adult seat belt correctly positioned at all times.


Why are booster needed>

Seat belts are designed for use by adults, not children.  As children are a lot smaller than adults, the seat belt does not fit correctly over their hips and chest.  In an impact the seat belt will be over the child’s soft abdomen, causing serious and potentially fatal abdominal and internal injuries.

A booster lifts the child up to position the seat belt safely over their hips.  A booster with a back is safer than a cushion as the headrest guides the chest part of the belt correctly.

– The lap belt should be over the child’s hips

– The shoulder belt should be level with the child’s shoulder.


Which Seat?

There are two types of boosters – booster cushions and high back boosters.  Your child will have optimal safety if they are sitting in a high back booster.  A high back booster with deep, padded side wings will provide far more protection and comfort for your child.

High back booster Booster Cushion
–          Correctly routes lap and chest belt

–          Deep side wings provide protection from side impacts

–          The headrest raises as your child grows, accommodating them for many years

–          High back boosters generally fit any car and are easy to transport and swap between vehicles

–          Some boosters have a recline function – great if your little one still falls asleep in the car!

–          ISOfix versions are available to provide even more protection

–          A very good quality high back booster starts from just £30!



–          Raises the child up so the lap belt is correctly positioned

–          Lightweight and portable



Please note*

Booster cushions do not:

–          route the chest belt

–          provide any side impact protection

–          provide any torso and head support

–          support your child’s body if they fall asleep

–          Will not pass the newest crash test standard that will test side impacts

That is my lowdown on Group 2,3 high back boosters and booster cushions!


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