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Prince George is here!

on July 25, 2013

First off I want to extend my massive congratulations to Will and Kate on the birth of their baby boy!  I wish them all the luck in the world as parents, especially with them having to be first time parents in front of the whole world.  Kate looked simply beautiful when her and Prince William presented him to the world.


I am of course writing this to discuss the car seat!  I just want to state categorically that I AM NOT JUDGING WILL AND KATE’S PARENTING SKILLS IN THIS BLOG.  There is enough judging between people nowadays, especially parents!  I almost don’t want to join the “mummy club” because of the judging – and with this particular issue I am going to discuss people seem keen get in an uproar rather than accept the calm and NON JUDGMENTAL message that is being given.


Now we have cleared that up, lets get down to business!


So Will and Kate decided on a Britax Baby Safe Plus infant seat with ISOfix base for their little boy.  I was really impressed with this choice as everyone seems to go straight for the Maxi Cosi, which is brilliant – but hugely over shadows other infant carriers such as the Britax infant seat which is equally as good, if not better (I think it’s better, but then I love Britax!)

It was clear Will had practiced before hand and it was great to see how effortless he made putting the seat in appear.  I’m really happy they went for the ISOfix base, it will raise the awareness of ISOfix which is brilliant – particularly with the new iSize laws that have come out recently.  He also demonstrated really clearly how easy a seat is to use with a base.  I really hope this encourages more parents to use a base as it hugely reduces the risk of incorrectly fitting an infant car seat and makes life so much easier.


As for the Britax seat itself, it has performed fantastically in crash testing and has achieved awards from the German Stiftung Warentest and ADAC.  It has a nice tall back height and 7 positions for the straps to be so it will last longer than some other popular infant carriers, and the harness strap height is really easy to change – always ensuring a perfect fit on baby.  The covers wash at 30* and are super easy to remove, the sunshade can also be completely removed.  Finally, the seat has a 5-point rather than 3 point harness which provides baby with a little more security when strapped in.

The 1 main downside I have come across with the Britax Baby Safe is that is seems very upright for a new born – they look very scrunched in it.  However, babies should spend no more than 2 hours a day maximum – preferably less – in the car seat (obviously if you have a long journey, use the seat!)

Well Done Will and Kate on choosing a fantastic seat and base to keep your son safe!


Now – the thing that caught my attention right away when they brought the baby out in the car seat, apart from the seat itself – was that Prince George was not correctly strapped into the seat.  He was swaddled underneath the harness, and the harness was far too loose on him.  (This is the part everyone jumps up and down accusing me of judging them as first time parents…!)


Royal or not – the baby should not have left the hospital strapped into the seat his way.   Not only would he have not been protected in an accident, but he could have easily fallen out of the seat had Will dropped/tipped it on fitting.  Yes they are first time parents, Yes they are allowed to make mistakes.  However, 1) they had any number of aides and hospital staff helping them – did nobody think to tell them how the straps ought to fit? 2) They’ve had 9 months to research this, as does any parent, this should not have happened.  3) Kate had a whole team of stylists helping her – so they were obviously well aware on how scrutinized they were going to be,  everything should have been double checked on the seat to ensure he was safe.

This was a dangerous mistake to make, not to Prince George – the chance of them having a crash was minimal on their way home and that isn’t really what bothers me (too much!).  What bothers me is that thousands of parents are going to see this picture, and if this is good enough for a Royal baby, it’s good enough for their baby – and they don’t know any better either with the distinct lack of awareness on car seats in the UK.  So just how many children are now going to be incorrectly strapped into their seat?   Plenty of people have said that Kate adjusted the straps when in the car, but they shouldn’t have been like that in the first place – and if she did, there are no photo’s to show that Will and Kate strap their son in safely for all the people who may follow in their footsteps to see.

It clearly demonstrates that anybody can inadvertently use their car seat incorrectly (I’m yet to meet someone who has done it on purpose)


For information on how to safely swaddle a baby in a car seat, please visit this video post by the American Car Seat Lady











One response to “Prince George is here!

  1. inniee says:

    Reblogged this on A Rear Facing Family and commented:
    A well made point! I feel that people look at this too lightly. It’s not about weather or not they would or would not be in an accident, because yeh, that is minimal, but it’s about what you represent and how you present.
    And also it is dangerous for a baby to not be strapped in correctly in an infant seat like this, outside of the car.
    I think we too easily forget that there are dangers outside the car to take into account.
    And yes, it’s a “one in a ‘million'” chances that Will would have dropped the seat, banged it, tripped, that someone would have come barging out of the crowd spooking him and so forth, but that shouldn’t matter. Safety first, because you never know.

    Just like the saying goes: “You don’t stop wearing a condom just because it’s a quickey”. 😉

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