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Britax Evolva vs Nania 123

on September 12, 2013

Britax Evolva v Nania 123

This blog is looking at the 2 most popular group 123 car seats, the Britax Evolva and the Nania/Team Tex/Baby Weavers/Pampero/Baby Start etc group 123 seat.  They are 2 quite different seats with quite a large difference in price tags, so what do you get for your hard earned money?


Britax Evolva = RRP £139.99 but can be purchased from around £85 onward.

Nania 123 = can be bought from £30/£40 onward up to around £70.


Both seats have passed the R44.04 test which is the basic minimum test that every single child seat must be tested to.

It tests:

– 1 frontal impact at 32mph

– 1 rear impact at 18mph

– roll over at 3 – 5* per second rotation

There is NO side impact test.

The only higher impact testing I can find is from WHICH.  The only seat they have listed is this Nania seat which scored just 49%.  There are no results available for the Britax.

Both seats have won parenting awards but I don’t take much notice of these as they are not awarded by safety experts – for those who do want to view the awards that have been won you can find them on Britax’s website for the Evolva, and on the respective parenting glossy magazines for both the Nania and Britax

Weight catagories

– With harness: 9kg to 18kg

– Without harness: 15kg to 36kg

I do NOT recommend that you use either of these seats from 9kg, they are very upright and do not offer enough support for a small baby.  In my opinion, these seats are most suitable from 2 years onward.

***REMEMBER!!!!! Your child can only have maximum protection in a REAR FACING correctly fitted child restraint.  Please do not be tempted to move them up to the next stage too soon, they should remain rear facing until they have COMPLETELY outgrown their group 0 or 0+ child restraint and ideally then travel in a larger rear facing restraint with a higher weight limit.***

(Britax on left and Nania/Team tex on right)

Britax v Nania 123 017



HEIGHT (bum to harness slots)
Lowest setting 12” 11” (Please note the headrest minimum is 14”, so 3” above the lowest harness slot)
Highest setting 15.5” 14.5”
High Back Booster highest setting 21” 18”
Seat Width 12” back

14” front

11” back

14” front

Seat Depth 15” 14”
Headrest 7” back

10” front

8” back

11” front


7” head support

4” side wings

6” head support

Britax v Nania 123 002

  measurements!Britax v Nania 123 004Britax v Nania 123 003

Britax v Nania 123 005

Britax v Nania 123 006

Britax v Nania 123 007

Britax v Nania 123 008

Britax v Nania 123 009

Britax v Nania 123 010

Britax v Nania 123 023

Britax Evolva and Nania on highest harness setting.

Britax v Nania 123 001In high back booster mode – maximum height

So, how easy are the harnesses to move?

Britax Evolva:

Britax v Nania 123 018

The Britax Evolva is very easy to adjust the harness, you simply lift the black leaver and raise the harness, the headrest increases with it.

Nania/Team Tex 123:

Britax v Nania 123 019

The harness hook needs to be poked through the seat, back to front.

Britax v Nania 123 020

Pull it through!

Britax v Nania 123 021

Increase the harness length if you haven’t already done so! (The harness will be very hard to move up if it is short!)

Britax v Nania 123 022

Poke it through the desired height.

A couple more comparison pictures!

Britax v Nania 123 024Britax v Nania 123 025Britax v Nania 123 026Britax v Nania 123 027

Britax v Nania 123 012

Britax v Nania 123 011

From the above pictures, the deeper side wings and head protection is evident.

Removing the covers – how easy is it?


Britax v Nania 123 028lift the head support cover off, unhooking the little catches.

Britax v Nania 123 029

The head support cover pulls right off!

Britax v Nania 123 030

The rest of the cover lifts up and over the head support, there are poppers to get it off the harness, so it doesn’t need to be removed. – TOP TIP! Make sure the head support is in the lowest setting!

Britax v Nania 123 031 The poppers!

Britax v Nania 123 032 It is very easy to remove

Britax v Nania 123 033 The harness doesn’t need to be removed, reducing the risk of putting it back in incorrectly, which is very common.


Britax v Nania 123 036 The nania head support cover lifts right off

Britax v Nania 123 037 Next is the main body part… the harness must be removed.

Britax v Nania 123 038 again, it is very easy to pull off, no catches!

Britax v Nania 123 039Getting it off the red hooks was a little fiddly

Britax v Nania 123 041The back had to be lifted clean off

Britax v Nania 123 040Random cookie crisp!!!

Britax v Nania 123 051The harness needs to be removed completely, poke the leg strap through the bottom of the seat.

Britax v Nania 123 050Pull it through

Britax v Nania 123 047The buckle also needs to be removed.

Britax v Nania 123 044The cover then lifts off.

Britax v Nania 123 042


Britax v Nania 123 049

Poke the buckle back through.  Then clip the harness in and straighten out the straps – this is to ensure they do not get twisted when you put them back on!

Britax v Nania 123 053Poke the harness leg bits back through (see pictures on removing if you are not sure how to do that

Britax v Nania 123 054Line up the back and booster

Britax v Nania 123 055Push down FIRMLY.

Britax v Nania 123 056WRONG

Britax v Nania 123 057CORRECT

Britax v Nania 123 058Pull the harness straps up, check and DOUBLE check there are no twists, and poke through the seat at the desired height.

Make ABSOLUTELY sure the harness metal hooks are right through the seat and not just the cover!  If they are just through the cover your kid will fly right out the seat in a crash!  It’s the plastic bit of the seat that gives the strength to the harness!


Britax v Nania 123 019It should look like this.



Britax v Nania 123 059It sounds a little crazy, but sit the seat on an angle, facing the outside of the car (face it the side the seat belt will be coming from)

Britax v Nania 123 060Take a good length of seat belt and straighten it out – no twists!

Britax v Nania 123 061Poke BOTH parts of the belt THROUGH the seat

Britax v Nania 123 063The belt pulls right through

Britax v Nania 123 064BOTH parts of the belt then poke through the next gap.

Britax v Nania 123 065The belt then pokes through the front, at this stage turn the seat to sit firmly and straight on the vehicle seat.

Britax v Nania 123 069Click the seat belt in, at this stage the seat belt will be slack and the seat far too loose.

Britax v Nania 123 071To get the seat belt really tight put your knee in the seat and pull the top part of the belt (the diagonal chest part)  pull all the slack through from the lap belt, until you can’t pull any more! Then pull all that slack up on the diagonal part of the belt near where it reels in.

Britax v Nania 123 072Pull here! This is where the diagonal chest bit fits.

Britax v Nania 123 074What the side where the seat belt comes out of should look like

The Britax Evolva also has a tilt option.  When using the tilt it must be preset and it can be used to ensure a better fit or to give the child more recline.

Britax v Nania 123 013

Britax v Nania 123 014

Britax v Nania 123 015

Britax v Nania 123 016

It gives a very nice recline, although it won’t tip back this much when fitted!


The Nania is very similar in fitment.

Britax v Nania 123 077 Again sit the seat side on

Britax v Nania 123 078Yet again, fit both parts of the belt through, keeping them nice and straight.

Britax v Nania 123 079Again, pull round the back of the seat.

Britax v Nania 123 081Pull through the front

Britax v Nania 123 082On this seat, the LAP BELT goes UNDER the arm rest and the CHEST BELT goes OVER the arm rest and THROUGH the red hook.

Britax v Nania 123 083I’ve clicked, have you?

Britax v Nania 123 084Yet again, pull everything SUPER TIGHT.  You should have NO movement in your seat.  YOU wouldn’t sit in a wobbly seat, why should your child?  Wobble = not safe.


There is obviously quite a price difference between these seats.  Lets just take a quick summarised look at the differences and what else you get for spending more money on the Britax, or if the Nania will do just fine.

Britax Evolva Nania 123

–         Deep side impact protection

–         Head support and harness raise together

–         Easy adjust head support and harness height.

–         Recline option

–         Easy to remove covers

–         Tall harness height in group 1 mode

–         Tall head support height in group 2/3 mode.

–         Snack trays


–         Little padding

–         Complicated to fit

–         Heavy if moving between cars


–         Lightweight

–         This particular model beeps when the buckle is un-clicked

–         Some parents will like the individual harness adjusters

–         Arm rests


–         Little padding

–         Complicated to fit

–         Difficult to remove covers

–         Head support too high when child is using lowest and middle harness slots – offering no protection.

–         Low top harness height, meaning extra safety from 5 point harness usage time is reduced.

–         Low high back booster head support height, meaning reduced length of time using back.  The seat can be converted to a booster cushion, however these offer NO side impact protection.

I hope this helps!  Feel free to comment to ask for any help/advice,  ask questions or to give feedback!


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