Working with Parents

My experiences of advising parents on child safety

Christmas Trees, Car Seats and Presents!

on December 10, 2014

Another re-blog, such an important one! Drive safely in the poor weather – plan ahead, take your time, drive slowly – safety isn’t cool, but dead isn’t cool either..!

Working with Parents

Another re post from this time last year – last time I posted this it got hundreds/thousands of views – thousands more parents aware!  Let’s get the message out there!

Christmas Trees, Car Seats and Presents!

“The nights are drawing in and the days are getting colder.

All the hats and gloves are out and our scarves are keeping us warm,

Our cars are frosted with ice, and spider webs glisten in the morning light,

it can only mean that winter is here!

Cold mornings, wind, drizzle, hail and snow, minus temperatures and Christmas shopping, mince pies and chilly toes!

The fun of decorating the Christmas tree with the kids, helping them bake cookies to leave out on Christmas Eve and the excitement of visiting Santa!

A last minute dash to deliver gifts to family and friends whilst Dad buys all his presents for Mum last minute!

Christmas Eve and…

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